Word of Mouth
Referral Program

Our Word of Mouth Referral Program is fun and rewarding! You make an effort only once and take advantage of it forever!
With every friend you invite, our Word of Mouth Referrel Program goes ahead. The longer it is, the more credits you receive!

How to Participate

Register by Logging in and we give you a “Personal Invitatationcode”. You find it in the Personal Area, in the Referral Program sektion.
Share this code with your friends to buy our products online at our website. They also enter Logging in and they use the “Personal Invitationcode” in the cart at the end of the order.
Now you get 10% and your friend gets 5% of his first order in “Pharmacy Dobbiaco Reward Credits”.These credits can be used at one of your next orders online; 1 credit is worth € 1!

 It gets even better: as our Word of Mouth Referral program is contagious you can earn Credits endlessly with friends invited by your friends, even if you don’t know them
You always get 1% in Credits of their first order online. 

Did you get a personal code from a friend?

Register by Logging in, order whatever you want, and use the personal code that you received from your friend at the end of your order . Now you receive 5% of your first order in “Pharmacy Dobbiaco Credits” (1 Credit is worth €1) to spend at one of your next orders online.

It gets even Better, If you invite a friend, you get credits in value of 10% of your friends first purchase. Your friend gets 5% of it.
The fun continues because if your friend invites a friend you continue to receive credits to the extent of 1% of the value of the first purchase of the friend of your friend and so on.

With every friend you invite, our Word of Mouth Referrel Program goes ahead forever.

The longer it is, the more credits you receive!

Che Bello! Great!


How to invite your friends

If you want to invite friends you can:

  • You can give your personal code directly.
  • You can directly send a preset email, just add the address
  • You can put a banner on your website or blog

Once registered, friends will always be connected to you. They make you earn “Pharmacy Dobbiaco Reward Credits” for each of their first purchases and for the first purchases of friends of your friends. It goes on and on, endlessly!

how to use Pharmacy dobbiaco credits

The more active your word-of-mouth, the more “Dobbiaco Pharmacy credits” you earn. You can use these credits on our website when you close your order.
Have fun!